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Web to SMS and Internet Call
People are in search of some free SMS service by which they can send text messages sitting on computer using internet connection. There are several online platforms that offer free web to SMS Service. There is no fee or hidden charges for that. Anyone who has an internet access is able to send and receive text messages online by using Web to SMS. It is without any kind of subscription or fee. People are interested to avail such scheme because the mobile companies levy high taxes on every call and SMS package and thus, they cannot afford their packages. The number of users of these websites is increasing rapidly and the trend is going to evolve in the upcoming days. Only a single platform has a thousands of users going to avail their service. You can send message to people from the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, China, Dubai, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. it does not ask you to register yourself or sign up, but to enter a name and the number. The maximum number of characters in Pakistan that can be sent via this free service is 600. Zong also offers Web to SMS service. You first have to invite the person to start a chat. As he joins the chatroom, chat session will start. Other than free service, a big advantage is that you can have chat with many subscribers of Zong at a time online. When you close the browser, the session ends up.
For this purpose, the procedure is fairly simple. You just have to enter a short name or user ID of 8 chars or more than. Next, type the contact number of the receiver and the text that you want to convey. By clicking send button, your message will be received by the number you typed. However, through this service, you are allowed by most of the messaging platforms to transfer 20 SMS a day. You can transfer texts online on any kind of network including Mobilink, Ufone, Insta, Warid, Telecom, Zong and Telenor. It is also named as Web 2 SMS on some websites providing this service. Ufone also presents Web to SMS by which you are able to chat to anyone from any corner of the world having Ufone number. For this, you have to open the website ( and check Web to SMS Chat. A chat box will appear. Next procedure is same as other Web to SMS webistes. The only difference is that here it is necessary for both parties to have Ufone network. Secondly, the reply to SMS will appear on the same chat box of your PC screen. Another important thing is that the person who is replying from his number will be charged PKR 1.50. If the receiver wants to reply on the same chat box, he will need to type “y” first.
Similarly, there are free internet call provider companies as well. You may call at any number from your computer through internet at a nominal rate, e.g. Skype, Yahoo Messenger, gTalk, Reliance Net Call, Kioskea, Localphone, etc. You can call nationally as well as internationally.
Mobilink Ufone
0300 | 0301 | 0302 | 0303 | 0304 | 0305 | 0306 | 0307 | 0308 | 0309
0330 | 0331 | 0332 | 0333 | 0334 | 0335 | 0336 | 0337
Zong Telenor
0310 | 10311 | 20312 | 30313 |4 0314 | 50315
0340 | 0341 | 0342 | 0343 | 0344 | 0345 | 0346 | 0347
Warid SCOM
0320 | 10321 | 20322 | 30323 | 40324 | 50325
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